Age of Empires: Definitive Edition


(Haso Keric) #1

In case you like me are a fan of the AoE franchise, purchased the HD Edition, but missed the whole release of the Definitive Edition (thx @josecgomez)

Here it is:

If anyone else is a fan, perhaps we can play against each other or against the Difficult AI Level :slight_smile: Unlike ARK, AoE is a real game.

(Ken Nash) #2

That is cool.

Noticed that Blizzard is re-releasing Warcraft 3 as Warcraft 3 reforged

(Onur Cam) #3

" Unlike ARK, AoE is a real game." - lol

Definitive Edition looks way better than I thought it would be. I would definitely play if we weren’t going live this week :smiley:

If any of you played Battle for the Middle earth 1 or 2, there is a new version coming and it’s made by fans:

(Jose C Gomez) #4

Love AoE we should do a community LAN party ( or I suppose WAN)
Anyone up for it?

(Bart Elia) #5

AoE was a Friday night staple with the family as the kids were growing up. Being a family of Geeks we did LAN parties with the kids. AoE was always the end game to go to where the kids and wife would turn on me mid battle (and of course I had to teach them all a lesson when they did).

My kids did numerous essays and did a ton of historical readings due to all the civilizations in the game (And Sid Meier’s Civilization). Lots of fond memories about the game and family.

(Jose C Gomez) #6

@Bart_Elia let’s do a game one of these nights. @jgiese.wci, @hasokeric and @EarlGrei and a few others all got the new one. Also today the AoE 2 HD is on Sale on Steam for 3 bucks!

(Jose C Gomez) #7

(John M Sasser) #8

already pre-ordered that… cannot wait!

(Haso Keric) #9

We can start by adding each other on Steam =)




(Jose C Gomez) #10

@hasokeric with that username,picture and location IDK that I want to add you as my “friend” on steam… lol

(Randy Stulce) #11

Me and a roomie would play AoE back in the day. I’ll have to check out the Definitive Edition. Been having fun in AC:O lately as I got selected as a Google Stream tester.

(Haso Keric) #12

@josecgomez Lol, I was big into Counter-Strike CS:GO and everytime you won the round, your avatar popped out :slight_smile: well @Chris_Conn accepted my friend request.

(Ken Nash) #13

Think you can create a steam group.

You should make an E10 one.

(Chris Conn) #14

Btw - i apparently have 2 accounts cause I’m a dummy - chris_conn and cloud9tn