Adjust Global Scheduling Order - LOCKED column vs. JobHead.SchedLocked?

(Bruce Ordway) #1

Can anyone please explain the difference between the “locked” column in Adjust Global Scheduling Order and the “locked” field in Job Entry (JobHead.SchedLocked)?

We’re seeing “locked” Jobs in the Adjust Global Scheduling Order grid and they are not locked when checking Job entry.

This is resulting in these “locked” jobs not being rescheduled as we’d expect.
(and “Ignore Locks” has no impact on global scheduling)

I am looking thru the training & tech ref guides but so far… haven’t found an explanation for where the locked values are pulled for jobs in the Adjust Global Sched Order grid.

(Bruce Ordway) #2

And something I noticed while doing some testing

1.) Run Calc Global Sched Order
2.) Run Adjust Calc Sched Order - AND - copied all the “locked” jobs to Excel.
3.) Run a Dashboard listing all “Locked” Jobs - copied those to Excel
4.) Compare Excel data - identify 4 jobs where
— Job Entry locked NOT = True
— Adjust Glob Sched Order “Locked” IS = True
5.) Ran Global Scheduling - selecting “Ignore Locks” and highest logging level.

Result: 4 jobs from step 4

  • were not listed in the global scheduling log.
  • AND… now when I check them in Job Entry they magically show as locked???
    Hmmm… maybe always did this for certain jobs & I just never noticed before this?

(Alejandro Cortes) #3

Can you check if those jobs have Subcontract purchase orders? Perhaps the POs are locked in schedule, forzing the job to stay locked?

According to EPICOR help you cna only lock in these parts

Hope this helps!

(Bruce Ordway) #4

There are a lot of direct POs… for both materials and subcontracts.
Unfortunately, I didn’t find any locked PO Releases.

A good idea, I hadn’t checked those yet.

(Alejandro Cortes) #5

There is also the possibility that the priority level has something to do? Like high priority will be reschedule to the earliest available date and then lock it so that next time it runs it won’t be moved?

You could also check here

If the actual scheduling falls between the deltas my guess is that it wil lbe locked.

(Bruce Ordway) #6

Priority on all jobs is Normal
and Deltas haven’t been set on any parts or classes yet.

I appreciate the ideas.
Let me know if you can think of anything else… been driving us crazy.

I finally opened a new case with support this morning.
Hoping they have some ideas too.

(Alejandro Cortes) #7

Sure no problem.

If you find something out let me know.

(Bruce Ordway) #8

After Epicor verified that the “Locked” values in shown in “Adjust Global Scheduling Order” are pulled directly from JobHead, and I verified there are no BPMs or custom code involved.

I retested everything (Test) and am no longer able to duplicate the issue.
I will monitor Live for a while longer just in case but… seems to have cleared itself for now.