Adding fields to Crystal report from linked table in RDD

(Ryan Irish) #1

Hi all. I’m attempting to add a new field or two to our AR Invoice form and I’m having a hard time on the Crystal side.

I’ve added the fields in the RDD by linking the part table to the InvcDtl table. I can see the data in the xml I’m generating, but when I load the xml into Crystal, the new fields are not present under the InvcDtl table fields.

I’m not sure this is the correct method, but in database expert, I added the InvcDtl table again, as an alias, which does include the fields I’m looking for. When I browse the field, the data I’m looking for is there…so far so good, but…

When I add the field to the report, I lose all data and the report is totally blank, including the field I’m adding. I’ve never encountered this behavior before in Crystal and have no idea how to remedy.

Any ideas?

(Ryan Irish) #2

I figured it out. When I added the alias table, Crystal created numerous links between the tables (I do not understand what Crystal does with the table links and always just ignore those links) which seem to have been the issue. Just for the sake of experimenting, I deleted all of the links and everything seems to work just fine. I won’t pretend to understand why, but I’m calling it a win and moving on. Thanks.