Adding a BAQ to Fulfillment WorkBench "Job Fulfillment" Search (BAQ TAB)

(tyler fenwick) #1

How would one go about referencing a BAQ in Fulfillment workbench’s “Job Fulfillment” (BAQ Tab Search)? I created my BAQ and linked in JobHead and JobMtl primary key’s for sysrowid and tried using either one in the BAQ’s “BAQ Search” for like columns. But referencing both tables primary keys does not seem to link my BAQ back to fulfillment workbench. Am I missing the wrong primary key reference?

*I have closed out of Epicor and cleared my cache.


(Chris Conn) #2

The like field needs to be the key that is being searched in your search box. JobNum perhaps?

(tyler fenwick) #3

When you create a BAQ search. Do you have to create a dashboard that represents it as well?

(Brandon Anderson) #4

You should only have to do that for the advanced search I think. The BAQ search should stay in the search window. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong, I didn’t verify that)

(tyler fenwick) #5

From reading other posts that’s what I thought as well. I will play around more with the like field and see what works as the key field.

(Brandon Anderson) #6

I know there was a bug where things were showing up where they shouldn’t, which basically meant that the BAQ search tab that you have in your screen shot was useless because it didn’t actually change whether something showed up or not. I don’t know what version your on, or if they fixed it or not.

A workaround would be to make the the dashboard and used the advanced search instead of the baq search. I found it gives more control anyways, although we still don’t use it much.

(tyler fenwick) #7

We are on version 8 of 10.2

(tyler fenwick) #8

@Chris_Conn @Banderson With testing JOBHEAD.JOBNUM or JOBMTL.JOBNUM and making the query shared and open for all companies. It looks as though the BAQ tab still does not populate with my query. I will submit a ticket to see if I can track this down further.

(tyler fenwick) #9

@Chris_Conn @Banderson Sometimes I forget about the support database for existing ticket solutions . But with referencing the ticket:

It turns out the key field for the BAQ to show up was “PartDtl.SysRowID”. I wish there was a way to determine the key field you need to reference when creating these.

(Brandon Anderson) #10

I’ve never seen that before. How do you get into this?

edit. That must just be the service portal. The link doesn’t bring me there, but if I seach for KN0038130 I can find the article in the service portal.

(tyler fenwick) #11

@Banderson Sorry I say support database. Usually if you are writing up a ticket. You will get references to similar tickets that have been resolved.