Add Order Discount $ to OrderEntry>Summary tab (just like Lines)


(Andris Skulte) #1

We really could use an Order Discount $ box on the Sales Order Entry > Summary tab. It already exists on the Lines tab (OrderDtl.DocDspDiscount)… Logic would be the same as on the lines tab - enter a %, and it uses that, or enter a $, and Epicor then discounts the dollar amount. A side benefit is not needing to use Header Misc charges for discounts, and confusing folks when discounts could appear in the Discount box or Misc box…



Without it, the discount process is a lot messier than it could be. For % discounts, our sales team uses the OrderHed.DiscountPercent field, but for flat $ based discounts, they enter an Header Misc Charge of “DISC” with a frequency of First. This makes returns messier too, since our returns team has to prorate that discount for the specific returned item…

Clear as mud? :slight_smile:

(Jose Fernandez) #2

Our Sales team requested that the discount be shown on a per line basis. Our customer like to see the unit price with the discount. We created a number field in the header (named discount %) then created a BPM to fire on AutoPrint ready, to subtract the discount amount from each unit price. is that what you are looking for?


(Andris Skulte) #3

Jose - What we want to do is enter [Discount $: $150.00] on the summary page, and have it go to the $ amount box. To do it now, our sales folks would have to calculate what % it would be, then enter a Disc % that works out to be that dollar amount. For example, if you have $1000 of lines and misc fees, they would enter 15% in the Disc%, but then if the customer changes the order to $1100, they have to change it to 13.63%… It would be nice if you could enter a flat dollar amount, and it would stay that way (just like it does on the Lines tab).