Add Custom Headers (for CallSettings) to the REST API Help site

(Caleb Grundmeier) #1

I typically like to use the help page for quick actions in my Dev environment. I work with multiple companies but in order for some of the API’s to work in the right company, you have to open the client up, switch companies, close the application, refresh the API page.

It would be nice if we could specify the CallSettings when making the call. It would also eliminate some of the frustration with some API’s that have Company as a parameter but uses the calling users Current Company instead.

(Chris Conn) #2

I like this idea, I wonder if the inputs could just be put right on the security screen for the REST help where the note about using the CallSettings is.

(Caleb Grundmeier) #3

Maybe also have it on the call itself. Like under the input Box. If I had any influence on the design, I would automatically populate it with the CallSettings using the users Current Company/Plant when the page is access the first time, then user has the option to change it. Maybe getting a bit greedy but also add the option to pass along the BPMData too.