Active Home Page: Remote name could not be resolved


(William) #1

This morning we are having some issues with our active home page. Ideas on what to do?


(William) #2

@aidacra Any ideas on this?

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #3

I’d recommend contacting Epicor Support if you haven’t already if you still have this issue.

(Carlos Quintanilla) #4

Hi Will,

You need to update your config file, node “HomePageUrl” with the “fully qualified domain name ( FQDN )” (look at your server certificate) instead of just the server name. By default the value appear as:

< HomePageUrl value=“https://SERVERNAME/EpicorPilot/Home” />

but should be:

< HomePageUrl value=“” />

It is the config found on the local client install.


(William) #5

@aidacra @carlosqt

I have a ticket in already. Interestingly though, today, everything came up correctly. I checked the HomePageURL value and it is correct. Maybe it something to do with the power outages we’ve been having.