8.03.400 Install DVD Disc Image

(anon37088009) #1

Does anyone have a disc image of the 8.03.400 install DVD? We are trying to upgrade from 8.03.305K to 10.1 and need to goto .400 and then to .410 before starting the DUU.

Thank you!

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #2

If you haven’t contacted Support, I would recommend it and we can get the request processed to get the media sent to you

Have you looked at using the Epicor Cloud Converter program? I may be perceived as biased on this point, but the relatively small cost of the Cloud Converter program where everything regarding the upgrade/migration is automated (from your perspective) vs the non-trivial amount of time to do it multiple times which includes stopping at various spots during the process to manually running datafixes for any issues that come up along the way...

(Jose C Gomez) #3

I will second the motion for Epicor Cloud Converter, its amazeballs compared to the standard tooling and I am not an epicor shill like @aidacra

(disregard the fact that I’m an Epicor Partner)… waves hand

Plus it was written by @Edge’s team and we all know that means it is friggin awesome!

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #4

Now that the Cloud Converter is so popular, I feel a bit like the Maytag repairman when it comes to migrations as the Converter just works :frowning: