2019 EpiUsers.Help Meet & Greet Tuesday, April 16th

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #21

I can’t drink beer, so whoever wants my flight can have it :slight_smile:

(Tim Shoemaker) #22

Still waiting to see if I am available… but hoping that I can come. What are the transportation plans from getting from one end of the strip to the other? This is a 13 minute drive from what Google Maps says. Taxi/Uber/Lyft?

(Jose C Gomez) #23

Prolly uber or Lyft are your best bets

(Brandon Anderson) #24

It’s Vegas. Take a limo! Seriously you can call up a limo like a cab.

(Joji Jacob) #25

Signed up !!

(Ken Nash) #26

Distance between Mandalay Bay and Fremont Street is approx. 10.37 miles (16.69 km) with 17 min travel time.

Uber prices. If you get a few folks in the Uber, the prices come to about $5 a person.

UberPool: $15-20 (~5 min away)
UberX: $14-19 (~5 min away)
UberXL: $32-42 (~2 min away)
Select: $42-54 (~3 min away)

(Brandon Anderson) #27

I’ll probably look at setting up a larger vehicle and let everyone know. I’ll work on that closer to the even though.

(Mike Gross) #28

I checked and the Monorail doesn’t go the last 2 miles - so that is a no-go. Also checked Mandalay’s Transportation page - and they just want us to use UBER. Perhaps one of the tour bus companies could be had for a round trip at a reasonable price?

(Brandon Anderson) #29

going there will be easy, as everyone will probably be ok leaving at the same time. Does everyone want to come back at the same time though? I imagine some will want to explore freemont street a bit, and some will want to go to bed early.

(Mike Gross) #30

I would say that everyone might want to do their own thing, but if we had a 7pm and 10pm shuttle, then folks will do as they please between - or just find their own way. But given that all of us nerds have a full day of Insights to follow, I would wager that most of us will follow the 7-10pm schedule without much dissent.

(Brandon Anderson) #31

Maybe we’ll do another sign up genius when we get closer to the even so that we can get the appropriate sized shuttles lines up. There are lots of companies in Vegas that do this type of thing.

(Rob Bucek) #32

We really need to arrange transportation for grown ups that managed to get themselves to Vegas somehow yet are concerned how they will be getting a few miles down the road?

(Randy Stulce) #33

If Elvis isn’t driving the bus then I’m out. :wink:

(Utah Taylor) #34

We are all doing this because we will be in Las Vegas attending Epicor Insights (their annual conference). https://www.epicor.com/en-us/customers/insights/default/ Just want to make sure you ask your work for the budget to get to Insights and not the brewery :wink:

(Chris Crosta) #35

You could always fly. Well at least to the end of Freemont street.
Starts just outside the Brewery.


(Ken Nash) #36

Hello EpiUsers.Help and EpicHelp,

A big thank you to @Banderson for helping with the location selection.

Please sign up ASAP using the following link.

Good Morning All,
Due to a many factors, we have to make a change to the E-10 dinner. However, we think that the change will be a welcome one for the majority of the people attending. Basically, the original information that we got from the brewery ended up not being correct, and as we expanded the number of people that we were expecting, became an unworkable venue for our meetup. We understand if you aren’t happy with the change and would like to cancel, we just ask that you do so within the week so we can get your refund back to you.

Hopefully, everyone who did sign up still wants to come. We still want you there!

The good news is, due to the overwhelming number of folks that signed up, we now have options that we didn’t think would be possible when we first started exploring venues. Because of the amazing turnout that we are expecting, we are now able to have meet up on site in Vegas at the Slice of Vegas Marquee Room in the Mandalay Bay. This change negates the need for any transportation, and the cost includes dinner. If you were on the fence before because of it being off site, there is no excuse to not come now! We still need an attendee list, as the reservation is for a specific number of people. If you were are already signed up to go to the brewery, we will keep you on the list unless you let us know otherwise. The meal will cost $45 a person, and includes appetizers, pizza, pasta, and a dessert.

Those of you that already signed up will need to add an additional $25 a person. Use the same link to add yourself to the additional final payment slot to settle up. ONLY use this slot if you already paid the initial $20 to sign up. If you are signing up for the first time, just use the “dinner” slot and pay the pull amount in one transaction.

If you have signed up, and don’t want to attend at the new location, you must let me know by March 22nd.

Please sign up ASAP, signup will close on April 1st.

Vegas E10Help.Com Dinner
Buffett Style
App: Wings
Salad: Garden
• Pepperoni/Sausage
• Sausage/Mushroom
• Chicken/Sundried Tomatoes
• Pineapple/Ham
Pasta: Fettuccine Alfredo
Dessert: Chocolate Cake
Cash Bar

(Jose C Gomez) #37

Thanks @knash this sounds awesome and not having to travel is a big plus.

(Josh Owings) #38

Do you have information and will be charging the additional amount or do we need to follow a link for the addition?

**Josh Owings **| JR Automation

ERP Applications Manager

O: +1
(864) 397-9193 | C: +1 (864) 884-6587

(Brandon Anderson) #39

Good question.
There is another available slot to sign up for that is for final payment of those that already signed up. Use that one to settle up.

(Aaron Willett) #40

So who’s taking the challenge? :rofl: