1st article inspection on vantage 8.03.409a

(system) #1
We're in the process of implementing 1st article inspection processing before upgrading to 9.05.702a in a few months & I'm running into some quirks on 8.03:
  • If shop floor uses MES and OP LaborEntryMethod is QTY reporting, MES provides no stop on production qty entry even when a 1st article inspection is pending. (Only seems to create a production entry block on Time & Quantity reporting when trying to Start Production Activity).
True? (and also true on 9.05.702a?)
  • On LaborEntryMethod Qty reporting OPs, we have OPs with no set up time (validly). From what I see, on these type of OPs, (without a set up labor entry completed), there is no trigger to put the 1st article qty into  the inspection processing 1st article inspection queue.
Also True? (and is behavior same on 9.05.702a?)
Any insights appreciated (and if all true, any shared succesful ways of improving behavioral gaps appreciated).
Rob Brown
Versa Products