10.2 Upgrade: Can't get past Conversion Workbench

(Luke J Reynolds) #1

I’ve got my application server up and running on a VM, and I’ve already started up the client and run the conversions in Conversion Workbench. Once they were finished I hit File-> Exit. But every time I try to open the client again, it gives me the same message about needing to run Conversion Workbench before I can run anything else. How do I get past this?

(Graeme Fraser) #2

have you logged in as Epicor or a security admin?

(Luke J Reynolds) #3

I logged in as a security admin.

(Graeme Fraser) #4

are any conversions failing?

(Luke J Reynolds) #5

A few are “Complete With Errors,” but there is one failed conversion. “PCConv905”, and its log says the conversion has already been applied. Were’ upgrading from 10.1.400, if that’s relevant here.

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #6

click on user run conversions
select the latest 10.2.100.x conversion description there and rerun that.
log out and back in.
win at life?

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #7


Run this to mark this conversion as complete in SQL

update ice.cnvprogs
set ProgStatus=‘COMPLETE with ERRORS’, ProgressPercent=100, runuserid=‘manually_set_to_complete’
where ProgStatus=‘ERROR’

and try to log in again

(Luke J Reynolds) #8

Alright so that got me past Conversion Workbench! Now I have a new problem: The 10.2 client will function for a few minutes, just long enough for me to open a form and load a record, and then if I try to do anything after that I get “Server timed out” messages and the client stops working. This is happening on a very, very slow VM, is this a hardware issue or did I do something wrong with Epicor?

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #9

do you have just a regular very slow VM instead of a very, very slow VM to load this on? :slight_smile:

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I just created a new concept knowledge article on the Performance and Diagnostic Tool that I’m interested in getting feedback on. If this is actually a useful format, I’m planning on doing this for every major area of technical support (SSRS report errors, appserver provisioning KBs, etc).
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Can you install the PDT, run the config check and attach your results? (or, hopefully, even better, see if the KB article itself provides you enough info where you can address any of the failures you see)


(Luke J Reynolds) #10

I wish we had a regular-slow VM to test this on instead, but alas. I’ll poke through that article!

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #11

Just install the PDT and run the config check. It’s the first KB link in that article. If you post your Config Check output to this thread, would be happy to review it :slight_smile:

(Luke J Reynolds) #12

I fixed the slowness issue! Increasing the app server’s timeout limit from 300 to 1000 made everything run much better. Now I have a new issue, going back to the Conversion Workbench:

The INV/WIP report isn’t working and I think it’s related to the “Complete with Errors” result from the GL Posting Rules conversion, cvpe0000. System monitor lists the following as errors:

I don’t see any menu items called “GL Book Entry” and I don’t see where “Segments Mapping Setup” is in Book Maintenance, if that’s what I’m supposed to be looking for.