10.2.300 ReleaseClient is currently downloading (SaaS DT)

(Tom Hulbert) #1

Just under 350mb :yum:

(Pierre Hogue) #2

When I read…ReleaseClient… I went on EpicWeb and did not see such availability… Only shows 10.2.200…

From where are you downlowding?


(Tom Hulbert) #3

Sorry. Should have included SaaS in the title.

(Pierre Hogue) #4


Got me excited too soon…

no worries…


(Andris Skulte) #5

Anyone have a feature summary, release notes, or a webex on what’s new? We’re on-prem.

(Mike Gross) #6

Amy Melton @ Epicor Education said the new version release docs/feature summaries should hit the site soon - she had no specifics, so I expect the first week in Oct. The release date that was “published in a presentation” yesterday is Oct 23rd if I recall correctly…

(Bart Elia) #7

I think the docs were released yesterday. I was reviewing them on epicweb but under ‘cloud’. I am not sure if all have access to ‘cloud products’ in help unless you are a cloud customer.?.?

Awaiting ohhs and ahhs on a few things. I just wish I could show you all the new SaaS tooling. The PowerShell folks up here would be drooling. #Someday™