- Job orders are NOT receiving into inventory QOH

(Prasad Ramawickrama) #1

Hello All,
we are started experiencing production job orders when it completed, NOT updating (receiving) into inventory on hand after we upgraded to 10.2 (
just wondering if anyone else has same issue and got any resolutions. Thanks

(Brandon Anderson) #2

Dumb question, but are you performing job receipt to inventory?

(Prasad Ramawickrama) #3

No, don’t need to since we have setup our BOM to “auto receive into inventory” flag set to yes. It was working fine before, this is the first day we tried after 10.2 upgrade and tested multiple part many times…

Thanks for help…

(Brandon Anderson) #4

The help says that auto receive to inventory is for excess quantity. I guess I haven’t tried it because of that. I didn’t think it would work for normal jobs to inventory.

(Prasad Ramawickrama) #5

Hello Brandon,

I found out… On MES (Data collection) we have to uncheck “Request to Move” . I think it is a short coming that needs to be address since we have only 1 operation on BOM and also we flagged it as final operation…

Anyway misty is solved . Thanks

(Brandon Anderson) #6

the request to move puts it into the material move queue. Then when you go to move it, it brings up the receive to inventory screen instead of just move. That’s a default that is set in the resource group I think for whether it’s checked or not coming out of an operation. It’s interesting to know that you can get it to do that for non-excess completions. Although I’m not sure I want to turn that on for us, and that seems a little dangerous.

(Dave Moon) #7

Very Simple BPM To uncheck request move, no coding - version 10,2,200…

(Brandon Anderson) #8

I think if you just set auto move, it won’t check the box, then you don’t need a bpm.

(Prasad Ramawickrama) #9

Great. Thanks Again Brandon….

(Prasad Ramawickrama) #10

Thank you Dave