10.1.500.16 upgrade to 10.2.200 Data Conversion Errors

(Justin Rinehart) #1

We are currently in the process of upgrading our test environment. When opening the application for the first time and running the data conversion workbench we receive three errors. Each of them state that a company is invalid for that user but I am logged in as the global security maintenance user.

Anyone know of a resolution so the conversion process can finish?

Thank you,
Justin Rinehart

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #2

global security manager doesn’t mean anything special for on-premise customers–it only affects our Cloud offerings and I would recommend removing that right from your user account.

What is the user name you are logging into the application with?
What is the company ID in the error message?
Is the company ID in the error message a company you can see in the Epicor Administration Console? Was this Company ID deleted and no one has access to it anymore?

(Justin Rinehart) #3

I have tried running it under three user names including the ‘manager’ username.
The company ID is OKCity which is not a company that is in Epicor Admin Console. I’ve never seen that company ID before.

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #4

I just private messaged you the steps to try to resolve.

(Nikhil Patwa) #5

We have also faced similar problems whereby a company is not visible in the Administration console Companies list but the company is there in the database table. This is in ERP version we have deployed in production. Am sure we will face the same problem Justin has mentioned when we upgrade to a higher ERP version.

@aidacra can you also forward me the steps to resolve the issue of companies not shown in the Administration console but are there in the database table.