Feature Requests and Suggestions

About the Feature Requests and Suggestions category (3)
Add usings and reference on BPM (Caching) (2)
E10 Have the ability to remove the constraints of not being in the right plant (7)
External Data Source support for 32 bit ODBC drivers (3)
Intellectual property licenses (1)
Export/Import BPM's Individually & from within Method/Data Directives Maintenance (1)
Deleting Call Logs (1)
Allow the creation of custom user defined tables (3)
Configuration setting for buy to job to be included in average costing (9)
EpiUltraGrid - Re-arrange column layout in customization mode, not as personalization only (5)
Query Conditions (3)
Add FKV columns to List (Grid) Views without C# (1)
Production Calendar Exceptions stored as Date Time Range (16)
Create options for levels of checks in the non-con process (1)
uBAQ over REST: Enforce Updatable Columns/Allow partial row update (8)
BPM Designer: Invert the Conditional Action True/False Layout (3)
Split "Ignore Future Receipts/Requirements" check box in Production Planning Process options (1)
Fix All Report Styles (.rdl) with Issues ( 2 ) (21)
Allow company wide archive period to be Defaulted to something other than 0 (1)
Add F5 to Custom Code Dialogs or Anywhere there is a "Check Syntax" button (1)
BPM Description Field (4)
User Email in callContextClient (3)
Global Alerts - Take Away New Button (1)
Make Object explorer easier to use (4)
BPM - Add "BodyIsHTML" option to The Send Email Action (2)
Better Multi-Company Queue Management (11)
Triple Click = Select All (2)
Dashboard Tracker Checkbox - Allow Both option (7)
Allow the Capable to Promise function to work from Quote Entry (2)
BPM widget for auto incrementing an ID field (1)