Feature Requests and Suggestions

About the Feature Requests and Suggestions category (3)
Ability to copy\paste in BAQ (4)
Copy grid from dashboard tracker properties (2)
Improve Logging (12)
Poor error message when system time does not match server time (1)
Provide a way to restore ERP Data Only (no Reports, Customizations, BAQ, Dashboards, BPMs etc) (3)
Creation of custom styles, or more colors for row rules (4)
Backward Compatible BAQ exprt (2)
Shop Load Dashboard (1)
Add an OSalesRP and an InvcSalesRp Table - Add a table for related sales reps for Sales Order & Invoice (3)
Enable Vendor Call Logs (1)
Enable Primary Context field (1)
Cycle Count - Freeze Selected Parts Option (1)
Price List Export Field Headers (1)
Tracing Option changes (3)
Printing labels just like we print reports (2)
EpiUltraGrid - Re-arrange column layout in customization mode, not as personalization only (6)
Barcode Listen event in customization wizards (5)
Enter Custom Code Save Confirmation when Cancel is pressed or Cross is clicked (1)
Make curentUserSecurityGroupList available in the Session Object (2)
Available to Promise - Does not show Available correctly (1)
Site switch to turn off AMM request move by transaction type (3)
Fix All Report Styles (.rdl) with Issues ( 2 ) (23)
Cust X Ref switch (7)
DMT a list of Calendar Exceptions into the Production Calendar (9)
Dashboard Pass Silent Parameters to BAQ (15)
Create a central code repository to allow code sharing within the Application (16)
Integrate source control into all Epicor Customizations (2)
Fixed quantity on assemblies (1)
SSRS Email - Add From Field populated with the logged in users email address (4)