Feature Requests and Suggestions

About the Feature Requests and Suggestions category (2)
Dashboard Pass Silent Parameters to BAQ (15)
For the Love of God Fix the Anchors on Grids (5)
BPM Description Field (4)
Allow bringing in BAQs into other BAQs as SubQueries (5)
Allow the creation of custom user defined tables (3)
Add REST Call as a Widget within a BPM (8)
Improve Generate Data Model Performance ( 2 ) (27)
Implement better Intellisense in the customization dialog (4)
Improve Logging (12)
Menu Log of User Activity (10)
Allow external editors to work to modify/customize Epicor (8)
Better Multi-Company Queue Management (11)
Integrate source control into all Epicor Customizations (5)
Create a central code repository to allow code sharing within the Application (16)
Create a Notification Service outside of the Epicor Core (1)
Merge Customer Accounts (6)
Apply Customization Menu Item (3)
Export/Import BPM's Individually & from within Method/Data Directives Maintenance (1)
Add User Pages to Help System (4)
Ability to copy\paste in BAQ (4)
Add usings and reference on BPM (Caching) (2)
Add F5 to Custom Code Dialogs or Anywhere there is a "Check Syntax" button (1)
Ability to store comments against BPMs (10)
Site switch to turn off AMM request move by transaction type (5)
Improve the functionality around Commissions (9)
Allow development of SSRS Reports Offline ( 2 ) (31)
Utility to update records to uppercase (13)
BPM - Add "BodyIsHTML" option to The Send Email Action (2)
Blanket Purchase Orders (9)