Feature Requests and Suggestions

About the Feature Requests and Suggestions category (3)
Dashboard Tracker Checkbox - Allow Both option (1)
The ability to customize search screens (2)
Direct SQL entry and editing in BAQ Designer ( 2 ) (33)
Allow external editors to work to modify/customize Epicor (8)
Allow the Configurator to be designed inside Visual Studio (or other IDE) (3)
Allow bringing in BAQs into other BAQs as SubQueries (3)
Automate Past Due AR (11)
Improved BAQ organization: Tags, Sort by CreateDate, LastModifiedDate (6)
Improve Generate Data Model Performance ( 2 ) (26)
Handheld Menu HI_RES_AWARE (1)
Add REST Call as a Widget within a BPM (8)
Report Data Definition - Support Table Aliasing - Relationships on Same Child Diff Parent (5)
Merge Customer Accounts (6)
UI Customization - Show hard coded controls where Epicor overrides our customization anyways (1)
DMT GL Journal Combined - Errors can lead you up the garden path (2)
SysTask Inteval Start End Time (1)
New Reports (5)
Separate the data from the programs (4)
Part Transaction history tracker - Add a start date (3)
Blanket Purchase Orders (9)
Client Deployment Improvements (5)
Solution Manager ( 2 ) (24)
EpiUltraGrid : Ability to have multiple lines and centered for the columns headers (1)
Add the ability to insert columns into a grid from the customization wizard (6)
Allow development of SSRS Reports Offline ( 2 ) (31)
Extend Right-Click Open With... to other items like a BAQ inside a dashboard (2)
Menu Maintenance Filter & Search (3)
Apply Customization Menu Item (3)
Custom BPM Widget (3)